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Beginning therapy may feel quite daunting, but I believe the most important part is ensuring that your therapist is a right fit for you. This is why I offer a free, no obligation phone call to cover any questions you may have initially.

In the initial assessment, we can discuss what brings you to therapy, your hopes and goals for therapy, and any past experiences relevant to the therapeutic journey. It is also chance to better get a feel for therapy and whether we are the right fit. If you feel as though I am not the right fit for you, that is no problem. I am happy to either refer you on, or provide you with details of another, trusted therapist.

If you do feel comfortable and would like to continue to work together, we will schedule weekly sessions for you. This will be your time slot each week, dedicated to working towards your therapeutic goals. There is no limit to the number of sessions you can have, and I am happy to work on both a short and long-term basis. There will be regular reviews throughout the sessions to ensure you are happy with how sessions are going and any adjustments to goals can be made.

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